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Astrocentrism, also known as astronocentrism, refers to a major belief orientation and one of The Seven Tenets of Association of the philosophy of Astronism holding that society is currently not placing enough importance on the subject of astronomy and that major parts of society and its institutions should present the importance of astronomical observation in a variety of ways. Examples of which involve encouraging students to take up careers propelling the space industry forwards, the frequent depiction of cosmic progeny and phenomena in art, and the intertwining of astronomy as an integral part of the economy with a distinctly Astronic philosophical, spiritual, and cultural foundation to each and every depiction or integration of astronomy. 

Astrocentrism was formed alongside cosmocentrism, but the two differ in that cosmocentrism focuses on the centralisation of one's personal beliefs on The Cosmos and the events and entities existing within it.  Meanwhile, astrocentrism advocates for the societal, organisational, and institutional reflection of cosmocentric ideas and in this way, cosmocentrism can be considered the necessary precursor for astrocentrism. 

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The Vendox is the most well known symbol of Astronism.

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