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The Principles of Space & Time

by Cometan



The Decadoxy is an Astronic philosophical disquisition forming the tenth disquisition of twelve which comprise The Omnidoxy, the founding treatise of the philosophy of Astronism founded by Cometan. The Decadoxy is assigned with the inclusive discipline of durantology which studies the nature of space and time and is largely concerned with contemplating scientific theories and applying them to a cosmic philosophical prism. 

Preceded by The Nonodoxy and followed by The Hendecadoxy, The Decadoxy also contemplates various different metaphilosophical questions and topics which are considered to be appendages to the main disquisition. The Decadoxy is tasked with studying the application of space and time to the philosophy of The Cosmos found in The Monodoxy with durantological study considering all types and applications of the concepts of time and space.

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