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Published: 15th August 2021

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2021). Veltosis. Available: Last accessed [enter date e.g. 15th Aug 2021].


noun  Astrosoteriology

the condition of a person as having reached their ultimate condition, especially when associated with a post-corporeal existence in the transtellationist school of thought; essentially, veltosis describes the Ultimation as applied to the individual person rather than the highest or optimum condition of humanity as a whole species.


Veltisic | ˈvɛltɪsɪk | adjective
Veltisical | ˈvɛltɪsɪkəl | adjective
Veltisically | ˈvɛltɪsɪkəli | adverb


Astro-English: from Astronese, the term veltosis is based on the Greek word “véltistos” meaning “optimum” conjoined with the suffix -sis denoting a condition, meaning “the optimum condition” which in Astronist soteriology refers to as the Ultimation.

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