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Ontology of Astronism

Published: 2nd August 2020

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2020). Ontology of Astronism. Available: Last accessed: [date].

the branch of Astronist philosophy dealing with the Astronist conception of the nature of being and of reality manifested by the stance of uniquitarianism.

The theory of uniquity, or uniqueness, is at the heart of the Astronist ontology, especially in its opposition to complementarianism; that men and women possess different but complementary roles in marriage and family life which reinforces what the Astronist Institution considers to be outdated conceptions of gender roles. Astronist ontology is also made distinct by its emphasis on the concept of ontation and ontometry which interprets the world through the aftereffects of decisions and events that are seen to possess ontological significance. The nature of being, the principal exploration of the discipline of ontology, was first addressed from an Astronist perspective by Cometan who formulated the ontological outlook known as uniquitarianism.



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