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The Nonodoxy is a philosophical disquisition comprised of fifty-nine discourses studying the topics of knowledge (epistemology) and morality (ethics). The Nonodoxy is organised as the ninth disquisition of the treatise known as The Omnidoxy, the founding text of the philosophy of Astronism solely authored by Cometan. 

The Nonodoxy is the founding disquisition of Millettarian/Astronic ethics and epistemology with some of its key contributions including the notions of bromition, cosmospectivity, uniquitarianism, and Millettarian social teaching. A major segment of The Nonodoxy is dedicated to the study of centralities and incentralities that are tied to certain emotions which provide readers with an understanding of how Astronism considers such emotions and the consequences of those emotions on people's personalities and interactions.

The Nonodoxy: The Principles of Epistemology & Ethics by Cometan

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