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The Stars of The Cosmos is the eighth entry in the Little Blue Book Series and comprises of the fourteenth discourse of the Monodoxy, which is itself the first disquisition of the founding book of Astronism, titled the Omnidoxy. This publication introduces the discipline of cosmontology known as heliology, which contemplates every aspect of stars, of which solarology, the study and contemplation of The Sun. 


The Little Blue Book Series was created and first published by Cometan himself as a way to simplify and commercialise the immensity of the two million word length of the Omnidoxy into smaller, more bite-size publications. A successful series from its very first published entry, the Little Blue Book Series has gone on to become a symbol of Astronist commercial literature and a way for Cometan’s words to reach readers of all ages and abilities who remain daunted by the beauty and yet the sheer extensiveness of the Omnidoxy as the longest religious text in history.

The Stars of The Cosmos by Cometan

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