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The Tridoxy comprises of a series of philosophical discourses forming the third disquisition of the over two million word long philosophical treatise known as The Omnidoxy solely authored by Cometan, which is the founding book of the philosophy of Astronism. The Tridoxy has been designated the inclusive discipline of abettology which encompasses the study of both aid and the nature, forms, and applications of stewardship. The Tridoxy also includes an extensive series of the cultural elements of Astronism including symbology, art, rendition and ornamentation. 


In the omnidoxical style, The Tridoxy is written according to the structure of insentence, its discourses are titled by rubrals, and it comprises of a number of unique terms, newly introduced concepts, beliefs, and notions that form the Astronist approach to understanding the ideas of aiding and stewarding, the latter of which holds particular importance as it is applied to the context of The Cosmos and space exploration. 


The Tridoxy covers a wide range of philosophic subjects, including ethics, epistemology, and logic whilst simultaneously introduces its own unique disciplines of study and areas of contemplation. Despite being one of the shortest disquisitions of the twelve that form The Omnidoxy, The Tridoxy demonstrates an importance granted to the notions of aiding others, the different forms and manifestations of aid, as well as the ethics of aiding and stewarding. Solely authored by the mononymous autodidactic philosopher, Cometan, The Tridoxy presents itself as a short interlude between much larger disquisitions that formulate The Omnidoxy.

The Tridoxy: The Principles of Aid & Stewardship by Cometan

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