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Reascensionism, also known as the reascensionist movement, refers to a major belief orientation upheld as one of The Seven Tenets of Association forming the foundations of the philosophy of Astronism. Reascensionism is essentially predicated by the injustice that is believed to have occurred to philosophy following the rise of religion and ideology, as the two other formers of thought systems, and especially following the professionalisation of the discipline of philosophy in the 20th century. 


Reascensionism holds that philosophy as a societal institution that once held huge amounts of influence over the governance, structure, and existentiality of a society has been undermined for centuries and that the institution of philosophy must be given the chance to rise again to become the central driving force of every society. Reascensionists argue that philosophy is without dogma and doctrine, unlike religion, so its approach to societal structure, governance, and people's personal beliefs is very different from those of its religious institutional counterparts. 

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The Vendox is the most well known symbol of Astronism.

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